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TPT International School places students at the center of their educational pathway. Our customizable and first-class American curriculum adapts to their specific requirements and ambitions.

Virtual School Designed Around Your Needs


Study from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. Fit your education around your life and commitments through 24/7 online access to our platform and ongoing mentoring support.


Get a personalized educational program that fulfills your interests, vocations, and lifestyle while meeting the requirements for study cycle completion and accredited certificates.


We offer strong programs at moderate prices, which depends on the number of extra electives chosen. Many of our students could obtain scholarships from universities in the U.S.

Personal Growth

Students are the creator and the center of their educational life path. Soft skills such as problem-solving, time management, and creativity are promoted and assimilated naturally.

High Quality

Our premium curriculum is designed to be engaging, confer knowledge, and promote interest in learning. Dedicated tutors also motivate and guide students throughout their pathway.

Student Centered

Each TPT student becomes the focus of their own learning process , as opposed to a conventional system, where a whole class follows a set curriculum within a designated timescale.

Easy Enrollment - Compelling Education

Not ready yet? You can still start your enrollment process and talk to our experts to get valuable advice. 

Advanced Technology for a Leading Edge Learning Experience

An interactive and sophisticated online schooling platform accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

Each high school course is designed to stimulate interest and engagement ensuring the knowledge acquired is retained. Teachers are present to fill gaps and bridge abilities acquired from different subjects, as well as monitoring progress and assess the welfare of each student.

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Students can fulfill their potential and achieve any goals they set themself in different parts of their lives, leveraging TPT’s innovative and comprehensive online schooling. Our commitment is to provide the finest tools for the leaders of tomorrow who want to take control of their academic formation.

Learners acquire knowledge alongside soft skills indispensable for advancing independently, with confidence and awareness through life. Experienced teachers offer individualized support in defining and pursuing a direct path to success, whether centered around academic or career progression.

SAT Prep - Helping You in What Comes Next

Thinking of progressing to Uni? TPT is here for you. We realize that education is an ongoing process, and we want to support you to achieve all your ambitions. Most US universities include SATs as a mandatory application requirement.

SAT exams assess reading, writing, and math knowledge and weight on the college or university’s final decision. We offer our students an individualized SAT prep program to successfully take the test and maximize their admission chances.


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