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Who we are?

TPT International School is an accredited Middle School and High School registered with the Florida Department of Education. We provide a premium alternative to traditional education for students between 6th and 12th grade.

Our customized courses meet the needs of each student, allowing them to obtain certifications accredited in the USA and apply to universities worldwide. Students have the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world and anytime at their individual pace.

A modern and dynamic society requires innovative methods. TPT’s online platform offers interactive lessons and engaging content, while experienced tutors help students lead their learning process and organize for gaining the most from their study time.

TPT focuses on developing the new generations with an approach that meets the diverse learning needs of each student.

Who is it for?

TPT is suitable for anyone who seeks a personalized plan that adapts to their lifestyle, interests, and ambitions.

The Bedrock of New Generations The Four Pillars of TPT Education

Why Choose Us

The Bedrock of New Generations

TPT International School is built upon four pillars that permit us to deliver a highly effective education whilst habilitating our students with the skills needed to thrive in the modern and diverse world

Nurturing individuality with unique educational plans

Everyone has a unique way of processing, retaining, and applying knowledge acquired. 

TPT leverages students’ individuality and creates calibrated programs to enhance their uniqueness.

Developing a Creator Mindset

We use motivation, drive, and a positive attitude to grow interest in learning.

At the same time, we promote autonomy and creativity for forward-thinking leaders of tomorrow who can move confidently through life and become creators of their future.

Making success part of the process, rather than the end goal

✔ Students obtain the right tools to live and strive in a competitive and diverse world. 

✔Our school system encourages self-reliance, creative thinking and a mindset focused on consistent advancement through self-evaluation and self-improvement.

Utilizing Innovation for a Dynamic Future

✔ Our online School lays the ground for self-development through an innovative and tailored educational methodology

✔ We make the most of technology to deliver a premium education that is fully remote.

Meet Our Team

Principal: Liliana De Castro, PhD


Fran Perez from Spain

Fran used to attend a prestigious mainstream school in Valencia but had a time conflict between his class timetable and his training schedule. Dedicated to his sport , he was in search of a school that would support his athletic goals and give him the flexibility to develop his talents. With a back up career in Business , he also needed a high school education that would set him up to succeed a prestigious college or university.

Fran is currently in his last year of high school with TPT and has achieved an athletic scholarship for the  Murray State College in Oklahoma thanks to his talent, discipline and persistence. He will be studying  Business and playing for the MSC Men’s Soccer in the NCAA Division I.

Our customized and NCAA accredited courses meet the needs of each student, allowing them to obtain certifications accredited in the USA, apply to universities worldwide and have the opportunity to obtain athletic scholarships


Santiago Sanchez from Mexico

From early life Santi had a strong passion for sports, specially Football. He signed up with a high performance academy in his home country, but his training schedule was not compatible with his school commitments. His parents were looking for a different alternative and chose TPT International School 📚 as the best option due to its accredited international curriculum as a US based school which allows him to apply to universities worldwide, and the flexibility offered that facilitates students to reach their personal goals.

Through the digital curriculum, Santi has been able to progress academically by meeting the graduation requirements and at the same time being able to develop other skills such as music, which is another of his great passions.

Timo Slavakovic from Montenegro

Timo grew up playing football⚽, and has always had a strong passion for the game. Before joining TPT International School🌏💻📚, his training was not compatible with his school commitments. his parents soon realized that Timo needed a distance learning solution that could provide quality education and give him the freedom needed to reach his full sporting potential.
Timo talks about his experience with online learning and the benefits TPT International School has brought him providing a more flexible education schedule that is a better fit with his training timetable and team travel.
We are proud to teach students from across the globe with diverse goals and aspirations. Many students whose goals require a strict commitment to their art, sport, or career, choose TPT for its flexibility. We provide a tailor-made educational programs to ensure every young person can reach their academic goals as well as their dreams.

Mentor Jelmers Van Der Wal from Holland

Jelmers leadership is rooted in the belief that learning is a transformative force for good and believe in the importance of online💻 learning for the future of education📝. His dedication, depth and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence among our students at TPT.

Our pupils have the support and care of an inspiring personal mentors like Jelmer that intuitively guides them through the content while constantly monitoring their progression, providing a way to keep them engaged and excited to study and have an effective remote learning experience.

Aram Wanous from Siria

Aram grew up in Saudi Arabia. He is currently training in a high performance football academy and his dream is to become a professional player.
To focus on honing his craft and continue to receive a top-tier education, it was clear that he needed an education that was more flexible than the traditional school he was attending. As education is certainly a great back up plan as well for any athlete. Aram´s parents were looking for a customized solution with high quality standards and curriculum that would set him up to succeed a prestigious university if he choose to pursue a career. It was these unique requirements that lead Aram to enroll with TPT International School, in order to master his high school education in conjunction with a demanding schedule.
At TPT International School, we believe top-level performance needs dedication and focus, yet it has to be balanced with the right attention to education. We are are delighted to support Aram´s career with flexible schooling as he continues to reach his goals.

Seif Hefny from Egypt

Saif plays in a high performance football⚽️ academy in Spain 🇪🇸 and have successfully graduated from TPT International School. He shares his journey with TPT and how football has been his passion from early life. He emphasise the importance for him and his parents of finding a balance between education 📚 and his sports obligations 🥅⚽️

Thanks to the flexible (available 24/7), very intuitive, and engaging learning platform 💻, with a variety of courses that meet graduation requirements 🏫. He was able to obtain a USA High School 🇺🇸 diploma that is worldwide 🌎 recognised.

We are very happy to be part of your journey during these years and excited to see your personal, sports⚽️, and academic 🎓 achievements 🏆